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Unearthing ‘The Inner Voice’ … It’s What I Do!

Sometimes we need to dig deep within to hear the divine guidance that has been buried by years of living on the planet.

I recall the day of my major spiritual awakening in which I was shaken awake by the devastating news of the death of my fiancé. I was thrown into a state of shock unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The volume of the inner voice had been turned up full volume and there was just no denying it. It was like God Himself was shouting to me, “Wake up! We have work to do and I need you!”

Up until that point in my life, I was angry with God for dealing the hand he gave me that had been filled with heartbreak and disappointment, and now this? But looking back, I see it was the beginning of the rest of my life in which I was to fulfill my promise to help others and somehow lift their grief and suffering so they, too could learn whatever lesson they came here to learn, move through it and into their life purpose where they could truly enjoy their life. Helping people remains my work today.

I know now that I was born with certain psychic abilities and like many other people, those abilities were pushed down due to lack of understanding what they were or what to do with them. I was born in a generation where this stuff was not common like it is today. There were relatively few books or magazines (such as this one) that spoke to these things.

When my ‘awakening’ happened, I thought I had lost my mind. When a person heard voices in his or her head, that had to be what it meant, but now you can Google these subjects and find all kinds of resources and information, maybe even too much! (Smile.)

This magazine was created to share the good news of being able to tune in and listen to spirit and those who have passed through the veil to the other side, and to offer various options to those who are

searching for answers. Every month it is created from my heart to yours in the hopes that those reading it will benefit in some good way and be lifted up a little bit higher and their life can be a little happier as a result.

That was over 30 years ago that my fiancé died and I had no idea how I would live through the night. The only thing I can say is I was blessed with a gift of hearing the angels words of wisdom for people who needed them.

I still do readings today in which the Angels address the whys behind the many situations we all face. They give you clarity and a deeper understanding why something is or isn’t happening, and what you are to learn from it. The mediumship readings are comforting messages from deceased loved ones who want their people to know they are still with them.

I teach a class called, ‘You Can Talk To Your Angels’ that teaches you how to open a personal communication with your angels and guides in spirit and how to do automatic writing to record their messages. I wrote a book with the same title. (Download it here https://gumroad.com/l/YbgY for a self- guided learning process.)

My spirit doll/talisman workshops are new in which you can create a doll of your liking after tapping into the creative, inner muse.

My intuitive interior design work involves redesigning your space using your furniture and set everything in their proper place in order to support your goals. It is work near and dear to my heart and I have your best interests in mind throughout the process.

So, my question is, what can I do for you to help you unearth the glorious jewel that you are, and help you shine? Send an e-mail to: theinnervoicemagazine@gmail.com.



The Angels Aren’t All About ‘Love and Light’

Contrary to popular belief, the angels are not all about ‘love’ and ‘light.’ They are fierce warriors whose mission is to teach, guide and help us so we don’t need to suffer like we might without their guidance. I have personally known of people in all states of deteriorating health, some hanging onto the edge of life, who have been healed and turned around to live a full and happy life – thanks to the angels’ messages. What could truly be a more important mission than that?

I recall a conversation I had many years ago with Timothy Wyllie, co-author of Ask Your Angels. We both had been receiving messages from angelic beings and thank God I had him to share what I was hearing from them. His words went something like this: “The angels aren’t some namby-pamby chubby little cherubs sitting around on a cloud all day. They are huge in stature and they are warriors on a mission who mean serious (healing) business. They love us deeply in ways we cannot even imagine and care about us in ways we can’t fathom, but it is ours to awaken, ask and tune into their frequency and listen.”

There was a young boy who was born autistic. His parents, who were in the middle of divorce proceedings, sought an alternative to the Mayo Clinic diagnosis that nothing could be done for him. The angels gave them a series of readings through me revealing the inner dynamics of his condition and the role his parents played and in about six months the boy was healed and his parents reconciled! Without the angels intervention and subsequent healing sessions, this story would not have had a happy outcome.

So, erase all those sweet little cherub images, although the angels tell me they don’t mind. They understand our need to picture them. But, did you know that they do not have bodies and faces and wings as artists have depicted them? The artists who paint angels have envisioned their vibrational frequency and have interpreted it as wings and their illuminated auras as halos. The angels understand our limitations and do not mind that we have given them bodies and faces, hair, clothing and wings, as the human form is our frame of reference.

So, what is their answer as to how we can perceive them? In whatever way works for us – they get it.  If you like, go ahead and think of them as humans with wings. The important thing is that you remember to call on them. Their innate work remains the same as when God created all of heaven and earth – and appointed the angels to be the messengers between Him and us to carry out His divine plan.  ∆

Stop the excuses and go for your goals!

Do you ever wonder why, when you want something to change so much that you ask in prayer, you meditate on it, you call it into being and do everything you can think of and still nothing happens? How many New Year’s Resolutions have been made and broken in frustration – sometimes within the first month of the year? Have you ever experienced the enthusiasm for change wanes and you don’t have the energy or ambition to accomplish what you want?

Let’s do something different as we start off this New Year. Go within and ask yourself, ‘What would bring me the gift of true joy in (whatever area) of my life?’ What is it that you have always wanted to have, or to do, but had more excuses than drive to achieve it?

Sreper said, “Step one is to release your excuses. Take an inventory of what you might still be hanging on to and ask yourself truthfully, is that notion still serving you? Example: Having a belief that no matter what diet you follow to lose weight that you just don’t have what it takes to be successful, or that it will take a boatload of willpower. Let go of these past ideas and take a new step forward toward your goal. There isn’t a better time for you to do this than right now while you have a renewed commitment to yourself at the start of the New Year. We say, you can do this! Trust your faith in yourself and in us who guide and inspire you.

“All things are continually made fresh and new, and for whatever reason you look at the start of the New Year like it is the only time things can start off fresh. Build on that idea! Like a train rolling by on life’s tracks, you can jump on board at any time simply by your decision to do so. Just make the decision! Do not allow yourself the luxury of clinging to old ideas in whatever worn out form they come in. Stop comparing yourself to what others are doing, for their path is their path and what they are doing, or not doing, is none of your business. This type of comparison thinking is a form of watering down your fire of ambition and it will only serve to stop you.

“You are on the Earth to do what you are there to do, and we say do it. If you aren’t aware of what it is you’re there to do, go within and ask. We will always give you the clues you need and point you in the direction your soul wishes you to go. Your soul only knows your mission and its job is to hold that vision, to remind you and guide you to it. You just need to be willing and follow that lead. Stop comparing what is happening now to what has happened in the past. We invite you to step into your future and follow the inner voice of your heart. To do this is a lesson in trust, which is also a part of your soul’s curriculum in your present life. By doing this, we say you will always have the drive and the energy you need to accomplish your goals. TRUST is the issue at hand. In other words, be the master of your life and do not let past thoughts block you, for this is what makes your trek on Earth even more difficult.

“Call in the Love that abundantly surrounds you. Use this vibrant energy to fuel your life. Ask to be guided to let go of what is no longer needed moving forward. Release it like you would excess baggage on a hike up a steep mountain trail… and be blessed on your journey.”

No Matter the Question, LOVE is Always the Answer

Q. What are we to do when our country is threatened with nuclear war and madmen are everywhere shooting people? How can we be at peace and not be afraid?

     Dear Ones on Earth, We are watching the unfoldment of events on the Earth very closely and you need not worry, but trust in your heart of hearts that God has a plan and uses all things for good. The angels and legions of help from your neighboring galaxies are on standby to protect your Earth Mother and her inhabitants. Stand in your faith in God’s plan and in His angels who stand sentinel to protect you.
From your point of view, you cannot see as God sees. You only see a tiny fraction of the events on that plane. Your egos are quite attracted to the negativity because the ego has its existence in fear and therefore it naturally gravitates to fear-based things and events. And because you cannot see all the good that is at work on the Earth, there is little to balance out the fear that you do see.
We come to remind you that your job, as it were, is to stay in peace no matter what is going on around you . Stand tall in the face of fear and send love to all beings – especially those who threaten to hurt you or your country! Surround the ‘enemy’ in LOVE. You might visualize this as enclosing the person in a bubble of brilliant sparkling white light. See this light surrounding them like sudsy water in a washing machine, and this magical white-light-suds washes them clean! In our book, Heaven Help Me! we referred to this as the ‘Karmic Wash Cycle.’)

Q. What about natural disasters or madmen shooting innocent people and people suddenly perish… where’s the justice in all this? How do we not have fear over these things?

Natural disasters and manmade incidents, such as shootings are two different things. The load on the planet has reached its tipping point and where there is such pressure, balance must be restored. Nature’s way to do this is through hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disasters. With those being killed by a gunman, the karma behind this cannot be put into one neat and tidy answer. We dare say that the souls who perish in such events as these are in agreement that their time on Earth is finished, and they are being called home. T(he mystery is, you think this is a bad thing to die and cross over the veil into the heavenly worlds, but we say this isn’t so. These people are going home. It is you who they mourn, for you are still in Earth school learning what you went there to learn, while they are now free!
Now, we don’t mean to paint a dismal picture here. Your time to return to your home in Heaven will come when it is time for it to come. Meanwhile you are there learning love and growing in ways you cannot grow any where else in the Universe. Your soul selected your agenda and we say you do not leave the Earth plane until it is time for you to go…according to God’s Plan. We are your guardian angels who continually, without ceasing, guide and guard you so that you might enjoy your life on Earth while learning what you’re there to learn.
Some people have really tough challenges that make no sense to you on the human level, but it is how you learn love and compassion. Everything on that plane is a set-up for you to learn to trust your Lord. He is complete love, the likes of which you have no idea, nor do you have anything on earth to measure the capacity of this love. All that is asked of you is to ask Him to protect you (which He already does because of who He is); but to ask is to show your gratitude for His blessings.
Have faith in the unseen. Seek to hear your inner voice which is the voice of your angelic guidance, and you will be safely guided and guarded where no harm can befall you. It is up to you to TRUST HIS LOVE.
Pray for peace on Earth without ceasing, and send love and light into the heart of the madmen and into Mother Earth. It’s like fuel in the tank of that spaceship you’re on. God hears you and answers according to His Divine Plan.
Send love into any situation or to persons you fear and no harm can befall you. Love wins and peace prevails.

Q. Sreper, a reader asked, “Why are we on the Earth?”

We say you are on Earth to learn how things feel, to see how they look, to hear how they sound, to ultimately master your own personal power and your ability to create. You are co-creators with God. You are on Earth to learn to create what you truly desire. If you have created something in your life that has not brought you joy, you can mark your slate with, ‘I tried that, I didn’t like it and I don’t need to do that again.’

You are there to experience all of life’s offerings and to try different things. If something hasn’t brought you joy, step back and choose again. Try something new! Most people spend too much time and energy digging ditches alongside their path rather than traveling on the road.

Take a good look at what it is you hold important in your heart and put your energy on that. Remember, you are the architect. We say, watch very closely every thought and every word you speak as if it were to manifest instantly, for on another level this is the truth. It just takes more time on your physical plane for manifestation to occur for you to see it. Then, usually by that time you have forgotten that you gave birth to that thought, but then it’s too late, the experience is yours.

We say that this lifetime is like a trial run for you. You see, when you have mastered third dimension, you will graduate into the next level of consciousness where your thoughts manifest much quicker. Take advantage of the reprieve right now and examine your creative thought process. In the next world you have little time to make corrections. We say, learn the process well, here and now.

Q. Why are our lessons often painful?

We say, your lessons need never be painful. You have options. This is seen as quite an undoing of your belief system. It is a mental habit that has become ingrained in your mind. To change this experience of painful lessons, change the consciousness that creates or attracts these experiences. Pain comes to you as a teacher and knocks on your door of physical reality until it gets your attention. It calls out to you as a friend who says, “Change your thinking and you will stop hurting.”

You have choices and we say ‘choose again.’ Lighten up, as it were, and release these thoughts. Change your habits and change the outcomes. Apply new rules that are based in total love. Learn to love and nourish yourselves.

Start your day with a simple three word affirmation, “I am Love.” As time goes by, expand that thought of ‘I am Love’ by adding more sweet words to it, and carry them with you throughout your day. For example, “I am Love. Everything is Love. All I see is a reflection of Love.” Carry these new thoughts into your sleep state by repeating these statements before retiring at night.

Weed your garden of all critical thinking, for you cannot tolerate the pain these judgments inflict upon you any longer. Give yourselves the Grace of God. When you talk to yourself, talk as you would to your most cherished friend. Call upon your guides who are in spirit to help you. They will join with you in nurturing you, gently reminding you to rise up to your new way of thinking should you wander.

Pain seems real to those who have forgotten they could choose peace instead. It is as simple as remembering you are one with the Creator and all you need do is instill His sweet Love in your heart.

Isn’t it true that when you see a child cry, he is able to dry his tears when his mother comes to comfort him? This is what we are suggesting you do for yourselves – to remember that the Source of Love is within you. It has always been there. No one comes to the Earth plane without this Divine Connection to Source. Love flows freely to all for everyone was created equal. It is as simple as remembering this connection and putting Love into action that will eliminate pain.

Physical pain comes to you as a teacher, and you must discern the lesson it brings to you. Every single being in the human world can learn to listen to their inner voice and determine correct action to take to learn the lesson and be free from pain. Your normal state is bliss. Whenever you find yourself in pain, trace it back to the root-thought, word or deed that started it and pull it out of your consciousness like a weed from a garden. It serves no good purpose to dwell on what caused the disharmony, but correct the thought by replacing it with what you truly want to experience, and then move forward.

Those who keep looking back at what was shall be frozen in stone for they will never truly live in the Light of a new day. Ask for the release of pain and we come to assist you. You never walk this way alone.

What Ghosts Really Want – Four Real Life Accounts I’ve Witnessed

Unlike what the movie makers in Hollywood would have you believe, ghosts or spirits are normally nothing to be afraid of. In my life there have been moments in which the spirit of a departed person has appeared to me. Unlike the versions we see on TV or in the movies of scary, bloodied ghosts who haunt and chill us to the bone, these entities are the ones who appear afraid, or better yet, lost. The ones I have seen (or heard) didn’t know what had happened to them. They didn’t realize they were dead! The angels have showed me I have my ‘shingle’ out, and the porch light is on, if you will, that attracts such lost souls to me for direction. It has been my experience that these ‘ghosts’ don’t know where they are, or where to go and come to me because of this light. I wanted to share these accounts with you in case you might also be a heavenly traffic director unknowingly.

Ghost Story #1: In upstate New York, a hunter was killed from a gunshot wound.
I was in our 30‘ mobile home on a book tour in the year 2000. We were parked at a campground in upstate New York – a place that gave me the creeps. The owner of the campground reminded me of a character in the movie Deliverance, and quite honestly I couldn’t wait to get out of that place set deep in the woods. The owner would glare at us which still gives me a chill whenever I think about this experience.

On the second and last evening there we had just finished dinner. I was sitting on the bench at the table when all of a sudden across the table from me was this man! He was ‘real’ except that I could see right through him! He had salt and pepper hair and a trim beard. He was wearing a red plaid flannel hunting shirt covered with blue jean overalls and suspenders. A white T-shirt peeked through at the neck. He had a calm look on his face while intuitively asked me to help him ‘find his way.’ I picked up that he had been shot (accidentally? I wasn’t sure) in a hunting incident. His image was there for a split second and gone. It took me a minute to figure out what I had just witnessed! Then the thought came that it was no accident – that the campground owner shot him! I also felt that he was safely on his way to the Light. I told my then partner that we needed to get out of there. We packed up and left that evening, relieved to be down the road.

Ghost Story #2: Teenaged boy and girlfriend died in car crash in Door County. I was at a beach along the Lake Michigan side of Door County with a girl friend collecting sticks and things to make a spirit stick, when all of a sudden, there appeared in front of me a young man who looked to be about 18, standing there! He had on jeans, a black jacket and a white T-shirt. He was there for a fraction of a second, then gone! I said to my friend, ”Did you see that?” As I was describing this experience to her, she recalled there had been a fatal car accident a few months prior, just down the beach from where we were. The authorities didn’t know if it was an accident or a suicide. A young man and his girlfriend both died as the car they were in went off a dead end road and landed in Lake Michigan!.He came to me now because he was looking for his girlfriend. He was very confused.

My friend and I were in the midst of a circle of old growth trees. The sun was just beginning to set through them, beaming a light on us. How perfect I thought. We joined hands and said some prayers for this ‘ghost’ to follow the Light and he will find his way. I sensed a gracious thank you from him and felt him leave. We stood there for several minutes, the last beam of sunlight on us until I sensed he was safely on his way. I had wanted to find out his name and contact his family about what I experienced with him, but there was no way to be sure if it would be upsetting or not, so I chose not to search for them.

Ghost Story #3: Deceased elderly man speaks to grieving wife.
Often times when one spouse dies, the other loses their will to live. A woman lost her husband of 60 years, was grief-stricken and did not want to go on without him. She stopped eating, was losing weight and would cry at the drop of a hat. Joann Baumann, a holistic faith healer contacted me for a reading from the angels as to what she could do for her.

While I was taking the dictation (an automatic-writing process to document what the angels tell me), the inner voice I usually hear was suddenly interrupted by an elderly man’s voice speaking to me with a heavy German accent, “I am with you still … now EAT!”

I was startled by this but wrote it down with the rest of the message, which was lovingly encouraging for her to grieve, but also to move on. My healer friend later reported to me that this couple was of German descent and that he spoke with a heavy German accent.

Ghost Story #4: Deceased teenaged boy who died in a house fire had a message for his mother at his funeral.

Grieving, my friend called me to tell me the sad news of her son’s passing and asked if the angels could please reveal why this happened. They comforted her and then told me that the plan for his life was that he wished to join his mother in her healing work when she worked on young adults – because ‘he could help her understand from their perspective … and added that he needed a good job.’ Through me, he delivered a message to her and the rest of the mourners at his funeral! It was a message of peace, love, healing and laughter! Nothing like hearing from the deceased at their own funeral!

The result of that message has been written in a book along with others called ‘Messages from Heaven’ by Joann Baumann. It is a comforting story and a must read for anyone going through a similar loss.

The following is an excerpt from ‘Heaven Help Me!’by Nancy Freier – currently out-of-print but may be re-released as an ebook sometime soon.

Earthbound Spirits
Q. Sreper, what about the ‘Earthbound’ spirits? There seem to be several around my house. What do they want and what will make them go away?
We say to you there are many souls who are ‘lost’ on the other side of the veil, but they do not know they are lost. They draw others’ light unto themselves, for they do not know they can turn up their own light. We see from here that you have been giving away pieces of your powerful self and these disembodied spirits have come and gladly taken them. In so doing, they have attached themselves to you.

Do not be alarmed, for this happened (like all things do) for a good reason on your spiritual path. It is time that these souls be released to their own path, and you are their helper in this. We cannot reach them from here because they turned away from us and are vehemently focused on the physical plane. We must have you totally release them for this is also your release. We say unto you, be stern and persistent and say to them, “I am not what you seek. Look for the brightest Light that shines and move toward it now. Go to the Light!”

We see that you have been somewhat reluctant to do this releasing for, in a way, you have been amused by their company, but let them go now and much greater excitement of peace and tranquility shall take its place. After you send them to the Light, you will have more energy and you will be able to call on your angels and spirit guides with whom you wish to communicate and enjoy a healthy relationship rather than being continually drained of your energy that you experienced with this entity.

We urge you to not interact with spirits that are not of the Light. Use the following prayer whenever there is an attached entity who is drawing power from you:

A Prayer To Help Free Earthbound Spirits

“Heavenly Father, I ask that you usher me to the Light where only You abide and where I see the blessings You have given me. As I am lifted up, I draw only good unto me. I honor all beings who have shared my entity with me, and now I give them permission to go to their highest level of awareness, unable to return to me. I bless them and release them now.

“Dear God, Take them where they need to be to be healed and find their way. I am free to walk in the Light where You would have me be. I take command over my body now. From the Lord God of my being, I command anything that is not here in Love and Light to leave this plane now. So be it. Amen.” ∆

Pray, pray, pray… Is that all I can do is pray?

Dear Sreper, As I am sitting here in the comfort of my home, Hurricane Harvey is causing catastrophic flooding in Texas. I’m reading accounts of the people in the flood zone fighting to survive and save their homes. I can feel the panic in the voices of those delivering the news. One photo I saw was of several elderly people in what appeared to be a group home, all seated in wheel chairs with flood water up to their chests! One lady was knitting! There was a report on tv about volunteers rescuing dogs and cats and keeping them alive in cages at a shelter until their owners return someday to pick them up. I wondered if their owners were even alive? I can’t imagine what these people are going through! Dear Angels, what can we do to help?

Good Day We say unto you, one and all who read our words. You who have it in your heart and minds to do something to help those who are suffering, we say your love and prayers are quite enough to begin with. Your hearts have been opened and you are willing to help others in need, whether or not it is feasible for you to to do so when you are so far away.

We know your own situation and see your heart. Helping them in the physical realm is not possible where you are, but you can pray. Your prayers are seen as actual sunshiny rays of love that burst through the clouds over Texas and bring the people some comfort, and blowing like a dry and hope-filled wind over the waters, making them recede. You cannot see these rays as we do from here, but assure you prayers and light-filled thoughts are real and seen as beams of light on this plane. A catastrophe of this scale binds human beings together in love for their neighbors, no matter how far away they are. It is a good and beautiful thing to see people cut to the core of what really matters on Earth, and we say you who want to help, you pass the compassion test, if you will, with flying colors.

It is our wish that it would not take storms and floods to bring out the good in people. Yes, there are a few who take advantage of tragic situations to benefit themselves, but they are few and not many by comparison to the ones who bond with humanity’s heart.

We ask that you continue with the good prayer work you are doing, including praying for those left in the wake of Harvey. Show your kindness in all things as you go about your day… smile at people; say hello; open a door; let someone in line ahead of you; pay it forward by paying someone’s way at the grocery store, gas station, movie theater, and the like. Remember in your heartmind always that everyone is carrying some kind of burden. Some of these are visible and some are not. You do not know what that person is going through and even the smallest deed of kindness can make a huge difference to them.

For example, that old friend of yours from high school contacted you for some words of wisdom. You have no idea what your few minutes of typing to him did! We say it turned him around from going over the edge, and we thank you. This is what we are talking about. Be kind to someone whenever and wherever you can. It is a beautiful stone thrown into the pond.

We also remind you of a favorite quote from ‘A Course In Miracles’ – “A happy outcome to all things is sure.” If it is not a happy thing, it is not the end! So, smile at that stranger, share your optimism with those around you and know that that if things look bleak and sad, have faith it is not yet the end of the story.

The Angels have said repeatedly that prayer is powerful work. We cannot truly see the effect prayer has on someone, or on a situation that has been prayed about, but ask that we have faith knowing our prayers are the antidote working on healing whatever their target is. It develops our faith!

The angels repeat (because they say we need repetition)–prayers are a laser beam of brilliant white light and focused thought much like an orthopedic surgeon’s cortisone injection into an aching joint; or like turning on a light in a pitch black room and the darkness disappears. Raise your vibration (turn on the light) when you pray. By doing so, you rise above the darkness.
So, dear hearts, pray. Raise your vibration and know that all dark thoughts cannot exist where the Light is. ∆