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Would you rather be right or happy in 2021?

A Course In Miracles asks the question “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy” and this comes to mind as a good question to contemplate if you truly want to increase your happiness in 2021. We’ve been through a year like none other; and, I think the odds are in our favor that 2021 will be better.
Bill Wilson, the cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous and the author of the 12-Steps, often said the beginning of the year is an opportune time to work the steps. And the key is taking a fearless and moral inventory of what you are holding onto and, letting go of what is no longer needed going forward. That might be an attitude that doesn’t serve you well, an emotional hurt that is crying to be processed and healed, or something the angels intervene with as a complete surprise!
As an example, my heart was hurting over the loss of a friendship some years ago and I knew this was the time to heal it and stop the hurt. I wasn’t sure how to go about it; so I asked the angels for their guidance. A while later I just happened to remember her birthday was coming up soon and I had a birthday card I made that seemed perfect. Yet, my ego pitched a fit; and, I hesitated to drop it in the mail. Who was right about what separated us? She was the one who stopped calling me. If I send the card, would she accept it? I had no clue but the angels assured me it was time to heal this.
Perhaps the most important thing to remember about the angels who love and guide us is, they always have an agenda of correcting things and setting things right. They have a greater perspective on our life than we do; and, they are the ultimate peacemakers. They are all-seeing and all-knowing beings of love and light whose only aim is to heal and make things whole and good. They know how to work – what I like to call their ‘magic’ (because there is no other word to describe it) – to bring a lesson to completion where everyone involved benefits. If we are willing to give up the need for being right and ask the loving angels for their help, they will come into our awareness through any crack they can find in the hardened pavement of our ego-centered-mind, to bring us to the state of forgiveness; and, ultimately to that happiness I mentioned earlier.
You have a choice. You could choose to stay in an unhealed state complete with its notable misery and depression; but, given even the slightest opening, the angels will come crashing through with their solution – like they did mine.
Let me explain what I mean by their ‘magic.’ I mailed the card and as soon as she received it, she sent me an email thanking me for ‘the adorable card!’ Then she said that she had thought about me and sent good wishes to me – on the same day as the postmark! Do you see? I intuitively got the message. It was a setup by the angels to heal our friendship; and, the joy filled my heart with happiness.
By holding on to the need to be right ~ that keeps us stuck in ill feelings. The magic lies within our willingness to release the ego’s need to be right, and then choose to be happy instead. This is true spiritual practice-in-action and the answer to our pursuit of happiness. How long it takes for the willingness and the readiness to show up lies within the heart of the individual. Ask for willingness to let go of what hurts you, then follow the answer that comes – or take a cue from the 12-Step program.
It may take some practice, but be sure to start with setting your ego aside. Talk to those vulnerable ego thoughts and feelings that arise like you would talk to a child who is badly misbehaving. Ask your angels for guidance to resolve the issue; and, if you don’t know how to listen to their answer – you might choose to take my class.
Exercising forgiveness and letting go of the things that hurt us, the angels said, are the very reason we are on Earth; and, the Grace of Heaven is with us every time we make the choice to heal (and be happy).
The Angels of the Great White Light and I wish you a very Happy New Year ~ like none other. Just let go of the need to be right.

Just Light Your Lantern

Quotes by Rumi (1207-1273)
“In the blackest of your moments, wait with no fear.”
“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.

“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.”
“I’ve been looking for a long, long time for this thing called love. I’ve ridden comets across the sky, and I’ve looked below and above. Then one day I looked inside myself, and this is what I found…. a Golden Sun residing there, beaming forth God’s Light and Sound.”
“The message behind the words is the voice of the heart. You are not one; you are a thousand. Just light your lantern.”

If you are coming through a tough moment, look for the blessing. There is always a blessing.

This month’s column, inspired by the wisdom of Rumi is my gift to you. With all of the ups (and mostly downs) we have lived through this year, we can use a little reprieve and glorious inspiration. Go within to quiet the noise of the world and listen to the inner voice of wisdom and love that beckons us to know on a deep, deep level that all things happen for a very good reason; the angels said… and what hurts you also blesses you.
What follows are some random thoughts I jotted down throughout the year. I did not plan for it to become an article per se, but now in hindsight there is wisdom in these thoughts – to ponder and to heal.

Note #1: I generally keep a pretty low profile as I move through life. I have a fairly even keel through emotional swings and don’t vary too much from my center. My signature style is to not draw attention to myself and to just let it be as John Lennon’s song goes. I like it like this. I hold peace sacred. My life has not been easy. I’ve traveled over some rough terrain; some steep hills and through deep valleys. I’ve had plenty of highs and lows, including the sudden death of my sweetheart when I was just 36 years old. I thought that was the end of the world. Then, that same day an inner voice spoke, “This is not the end; but just the beginning!”And so it was. It was the beginning of a lifelong partnership with “Sreper, an Angel of the Great White Light” as this voice later described itself. (The angels always refer to themselves in plural form.) Understand that I was shattered into a million pieces. I did not know why I did not die along with him. Why was I still here? Was this some kind of punishment? All kinds of thoughts sped through my mind. But then came the angels to tell me they had to bend near the Earth to save me, I was so sad. They gave me comfort. and hope. They mended my broken heart with their words of wisdom that carried my soul to a new land where I could fulfill my life’s promise to bring their messages through for others so they could also heal and stop hurting.

Hundreds of questions were answered that changed how we were able to see the Light of our ways, and choose again another option to find the peace we all tend to seek. From listening to the angels all these years I have learned that peace is the not only the goal, but it is also the Golden Ticket to get to that prize waiting at the end of every rainbow.

Note #2: When I was younger my goal in life was to avoid conflict and dodge turmoil. But now I see that was immature and not very wise. I didn’t know of Rumi and his words…“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.”

The angels intervened, and now I see that turmoil and conflict teach us peace! “In each and every situation that we are struggling with, or frustrated by, there is a gift in it – a spark of Light; a silver lining,” the angels taught me, and as Rumi said.

Note #3: Author Rev. Joyce Meyer said, “We never grow spiritually when everything is the way we want it. When you’re faced with a disturbing situation, look it in the face and ask, “What am I to learn from this?”
In times of trouble we are urged to reach this awareness. Instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?” – ask this instead, “What am I to learn from this situation?” That changes everything! It levels you up to see as God sees.

Go ahead and release any pent-up anger in a way that brings no harm to you or anyone else. Shout into a paper bag and pop it; punch a pillow; go for a brisk walk but, be sure to ask to be lifted up. Turn your attention to your inner voice of wisdom and listen. The answer you seek is seeking you! It may be dipped in patience, so wait for it.

Note #4: If you are indeed feeling down and out in any of its myriad manifestations, know that you are just traveling through a valley and not building your house there. Hand the situation off to your angels knowing the best outcome for all involved will be the result. A Course In Miracles states, “A happy outcome to all is sure; and if you’re not happy, it’s not the end.” You need not know when or how things will work out, your work is to place your trust in the Universe to take care of it. And who knows? Perhaps you have come through this particular valley to help others so they too, benefit from your experience. Keep your mind and awareness open to how this will appear to you, because it will.

Note #5: Start your day with, “Something wonderful is happening to me today!” This reminds me of a quote by actor comedian W.C. Fields: “Start every day off with a smile and get it over with.”

Flip the switch. Change the script! What a wonderful feeling it is to know I can create my life anew each morning by waking up with a smile on my face. Add to that the decision to have something wonderful happen; and to stay in the awareness to recognize it, and it comes!

Recognizing Your Power Animal and Its Messages

Many years ago I wanted to know who my Power Animal / Spirit Guide was. I never thought I would learn it in the way it came to me. I was taking an art class given by my friend and artist Jeanine Semon. Her paintings have often graced the cover of The Inner Voice magazine. We were painting in her second – floor art studio when she noticed a Cardinal flying just outside the window. She said to me, “I think he’s trying to get your attention!” Since she was well-versed in power animals, this was basically an introduction that began the odyssey of my discovering the Cardinal was my power or totem animal. These birds have followed me on my journey since that time. I don’t see him often, but when I do there’s a sacred message for me. There have been many such messages through the years!

Cardinals, or as I like to say “redbirds” are noted for bringing through messages from loved ones who have passed on. “When a Cardinal appears, a loved one in Heaven is near,” as the saying goes. Some years later at a class reunion in 2007, I shared my interest in Power Animals and Spirit Guides with a high school friend, adding that mine was the Cardinal. This friend asked me to pick him up the next day, and we drove to High Cliff State Park located directly across Lake Winnebago from Neenah, where I live. Oddly enough, I had never been there before. My friend had a mischievous grin on his face as he led me up a trail to a tall statue of an Indian Chief that stood sentinel over the lake. I walked to the front of it and engraved on the plaque was, ‘REDBIRD, Chief of the Winnebagos!’

My mouth dropped open in total amazement! You see, all my life across the lake in Neenah, I spent a lot of time at Neenah’s Kimberly Point Park – praying, meditating, contemplating, writing, journaling and processing life. I had always felt someone was listening to and watching over me! Turns out someone had been listening; and, it was Redbird from the other side of the lake! I am thrilled every time I see a Cardinal, not to mention the ongoing love and guidance I receive from Redbird.

Q. Sreper, what is the purpose of having a personal power animal totem?
We say to you that animals are on the Earth to connect with you and to guide you through the stages and the ages, and through the hills and the valleys. Consider them to be your angels in physical form, who guide your every step. 

Power animals simply have been given charge by your own Higher Self. They act as signposts along your highway. Connecting with them allows you to open your spiritual awareness in ways that are otherwise not possible. As a result of your evolvement on Earth; you, the birds and the animals have assumed an identity and a role, as it were – of a plan they are to accomplish while they are there with you. The problem is, you have mostly forgotten your connection to these beings who, generally speaking, are there to call you back to the remembrance of your oneness with them.

If you want to know who your spirit guide or power animal is, simply call it in. Ask the spirit world to reveal it to you. Then start to notice what animal appears to you and make note of the messages you are given, usually simultaneously. It could be the animal itself that appears, or you might see a picture of the animal on TV, in a book or a magazine. You might also find a symbol (a red feather) for example. When I lived in the desert in California, there were no Cardinals so Spirit got creative by showing me a Redbird logo painted on the side of several railroad cars while I was stopped at the RR signal! Another time I’d see them on TV in a Cadillac commercial.

Pay close attention to what appears either in the physical or in another way, especially if (and how) it repeatedly comes to you. You might find you are being drawn to certain animal figurines, prints or other artwork. It may be just a simple knowing in your heart of a special connection to an animal. Once you know who your power animal is, you will want to establish a relationship with it. Call upon that animal, bird or insect whenever you need their archetypal energies to enhance your journey. They are your true allies in spirit and a helper in any situation.

Step Up to Where the Magic Happens

If you are wondering why you are stuck and things don’t appear to move or if you pray like crazy and still nothing budges, this information may be a clue as to why.

Over the years of talking with the angels, readers of The Inner Voice have questioned how to move forward in such circumstances. This question has been a recurring theme in many of the readings I have done and I am giving light to it this month.

Some years ago I attended a sales conference where part of the presentation was given by Author Roger Seip, based on his book, Train Your Brain For Success: Read Smarter, Remember More, and Break Your Own Records. He staged an exercise to make a point given in this book; an exercise in which I won a copy of his book and learned a valuable lesson in stepping out of my comfort zone. I am sure the Angels had a hand in this.
In his book Seip explains, “One of your brain’s strongest tendencies is called the ‘homeostatic impulse’ – the desire to stay where you are (in the comfort zone). Your brain is highly evolved for survival; it is exceptionally good at keeping you alive. You may not like where you are right now, but the fact is that where you are right now has not killed you yet. As a result, your brain has deemed it safe, and it will do all kinds of weird things to keep you there…The bad news is, no growth can occur in the comfort zone. The only place you can grow is outside of it.”

Finally! This dynamic of ‘being stuck’ has an explanation! And there’s a road map out of this zone!

All we need to do, the Angels advise, is to take a leap in faith knowing that you will land on your feet but in an elevated place – a place that will become your new comfort zone. But, don’t get too relaxed there either, for you are on a journey, plus you have our assistance along the way. This is what our help looks like. This is the answer you have been yearning for in all those prayers!

“If you would see as we see,” the Angels continued, “you would see the Light and Love swirling around you becoming the stepping stones you step on to attain this higher ground! The movement of your steps creates a vibrational harmony that surrounds you and brings you the desires of your heart that you have prayed for. As your vibration increases this Light becomes brighter and in that way you are lifted up into the higher realms and into your bright and glorious future. Match your vibration to that which you desire and you attract that to yourself.”

“This is where people ‘deplane’ on this journey,“ the Angels continued. “Oh, that homeostasis impulse – the fear you humans have of leaving the known for the unknown!”

And this is when we claim our prayers go unanswered, but the angels insist all prayers (which are thoughts) are always answered and that it is the person asking who is the one who is not yet ready to fly to their new destination. If we could just move past that impulse to stay safe where we’re at and step out of our comfort zone, we would step into the place where the magic happens. The angels ask you, “Are you truly ready to go where your desires are fulfilled? Step outside the box and free your self of your own restraints.

“The really good news? Small changes make a huge difference,” said Seip, “There’s a concept in play here called the winning edge. It means that a small change in the right place makes a huge difference in the end result. So, take heart. Small improvements in the right area of your life will give you a huge improvement in your end result.”

Seip, along with those pesky loving Angels, encourage us to choose how we use our brain and be aware of what you are giving your thought power to. Sreper confirmed this with, “Lift your thoughts higher into the realm of possibilities. Let us propel you on to where you want to be. Just be willing to leave the worn out familiar ground behind, step out of your comfort zone and be lifted up into the realm where you long to be – where the magic happens.”

Staying Sane 
in an Insane World

Q. Sreper, there is a lot of insanity happening on the Earth including the upcoming election and the pandemic. What can one do to help and also remain calm and peaceful?

The “insanity” that you are experiencing is the result of humanity’s collective, anticipated Earth changes along with prayers for change emerging into one giant calamity. Life is a continual stream of change regardless of the impact it has your life, but it seems to be even more pronounced now because of your networks and airwaves criss-crossing the globe and coming into your home, into your devices – your tv, radios, internet, phones, etc. and into your consciousness.

One of the frustrations you are feeling is that change has been ongoing since the beginning of Creation, however, humans are much more aware of everything that is happening due to the robust media broadcasting everything across your planet.

For the most part, it is too much news of mostly negative energy impacting the human body and that is not healthy. Your bodies were not designed to take on the stressors of the world. You’re frustrated because you’re aware of the stressful situations occurring across the globe, but there is little you can do to change what you see on the movie screen of your life. We sympathize with you for this state of the world and for taking all this on, and offer some solutions as to what you can do.

Evaluate the stressors affecting you and sort them by personal (something you can do something about) and worldly (something you cannot directly do something about). Staying aware of what is happening in the world without taking it on is the key. For the worldly stressors, pray for the people involved that the Light of Heaven be showered upon them.

Seek to understand the bigger picture that is being played out. Meditate and ask your angels and guides to come into your ‘heartmind’ to calm and inspire you. Ask to ‘see as God sees’ and raise your intuitive awareness to embrace what is being shown to you.

Develop your connection to the Divine (in whatever term you use for this innate, blessed cord between you and the rest of the Universe). If you doubt your connection, go outside on a starry night and look up at the sky. Take in as much of this view of the moon, the stars, the planets and all of the Milky Way and beyond and know that you are no more or no less in significance than all of what you see.

Imagine yourself as the Central Sun around which everything and every person revolves. Claim this power that you are. Direct your love and peace to the Earth and all the beings on it. Stay in this vibration for a while, breathing in its perfect Divine Intelligence. Notice the Harmony in which the Universe and all its components move and have their being. Let this perfection restore peace and harmony to your inner universe and all its components and moving parts, as well.

Go in peace and extend the benefit to all of humanity. Divine Providence is always moving us in the direction of our greater good by the same Intelligence that makes the world turn, the sun to shine and the flowers bloom. Be open to discovering the peace bubbling up within. Ride the wave above the craziness by offering your peace to everyone at all times. A Course In Miracles instructs us to teach peace in order to have peace. That is doing the work of the angels. ∆

There’s more than one way to skin a cat

I am human complete with my unique set of character defects including that I don’t always turn within first for answers to my dilemmas. Sometimes I stumble around in the dark for a while finding a way through the obstacle course that life on Earth has presented to me.

I recently experienced a huge disappointment. A dream I had came crashing down and burned before my eyes. I thought that dream was finally going to manifest for real this time, and I let myself feel its reality and put a lot of energy into planning for it to unfold. But suddenly the rug was pulled out from under me and I was back at square one.

My bottom line is, “Everything happens for a very good reason,” and those words came rushing into my awareness like a firetruck to a five-alarm fire. After a little while, like the Phoenix, my dream surprisingly rose from the ashes! It was still intact but with it came a revision.

Sreper got my attention with, “There’s another way to make your dream a reality! Make a clear commitment and keep your eyes on the prize. Do not let any negative thought to the contrary enter the picture. Stay steadfast to your dream. Continually feed it your positive energy. Rise above the burned out house you’ve been in. Open your heartmind to see the bigger picture, for there are others ways in which this dream can manifest. Allow it to fall from Heaven in a new design.”

The angels gave me the image of a kaleidoscope. filled with broken pieces of colored glass and mirrors that form beautiful designs. Give it a shake and a new design appears equally as rich and beautiful as the one before. Shake the kaleidoscope again and another configuration appears.

“We say there are endless numbers of patterns in which your dreams can come into your reality. The Universe is not limited except for the boundaries you place on it in your imagination,” Sreper said,

I took out my (inner) machete and cut through the underbrush of the persistent negative thoughts that were growing to the contrary of what I want in my life. This is the work of manifesting. Pull the negative thoughts forbidding your new reality from forming. Get them out by their roots and plant the seeds of possibility remaining unattached to how the Universe will deliver it.”

Initially, I lost my way, but those pesky nagels (as I lovingly call the angels when I type too fast) urgently rushed in to turn me around. This time they sent a friend whom I admire for having gone through plenty of fires of her own. She called that very day with the rest of the answer to my prayer. She instructed me to write down what I want and to speak it out loud for the Universe to hear the clarity. “When you are clear, the steps toward your dream will be clear. Keep an open mind as to how it may unfold, for it will likely surprise you,” she added.

We are creative beings having inherited the co-creative power from our Creator to have the life we are here to live. The angels remind, “Forgive yourself of all your shortcomings and mistaken beliefs and let them go. Your glorious and bountiful future is awaiting your arrival.”

Mindfully Creating the Life You Want

Meditiation is a practice of going within one’s self and accessing higher states of consciousness not common to the state of mind we are used to in our every day life. There are a number of different meditation practices a person can follow that are perhaps as unique as we are. These techniques are known by various names, but when practiced, help the meditator achieve relaxation and healing on the subtle levels.

As different as the various approaches are, the ultimate goal of meditation is to experience an inner sense of calm and well-being, and to have that peace and joy spill over into our daily life.

Sreper, Angel of the Great White Light said, “Understand that you function on more levels of reality than you are aware of. Although these levels are not apparent to you in your normal consciousness, they exist just the same. You can attain these higher levels, commonly known as the alpha state, just by your desire to do so. Then, by following a practice of meditation that works for you to go deep within your consciousness, you are able to access the Divine in a communication process present within you.”

Angels are messengers for God. They exist on “higher” planes of consciousness and vibrate at a higher rate of speed than the physical plane, which is why we cannot normally see them with our eyes. The angels have instructed us that when we meditate, we actually raise our vibration to meet theirs, making communication with them possible.

You may be meditating and not be aware that you are. In addition to sitting comfortably and stilling the mind of its chatter, people can also enter a meditative state when they are engaged in an activity they enjoy. Some examples of these are being active in sports. You can meditate while golfing, swimming, walking, or jogging. Being engaged in an activity in which the body is busy and the conscious mind occupied, frees the higher mind to listen. You may also experience meditation while you are fishing, knitting, sewing, crafting, painting, drawing, writing, driving to work, taking a shower, scrubbing the floor, or routinely washing the dishes – to name a few activities.

One of the benefits of meditating is to cleanse the mind of unwanted, negative thoughts. Sreper says, “All thoughts create.” If we are experiencing something in our life that we don’t want, we need to pull that thought out by its root like a weed in a garden. Through meditation, we can access the creative mind within and re-create what it is we desire.”

In meditation we can be the observer of our life and let go of unwanted mental images that are creating unwanted scenarios. It is a very basic principle that requires absolute diligence, yet we humans have a tough time accepting it because our ego minds do not want to accept the responsibility of our creations. The ego would much rather blame someone or something for its predicament.

In our darkness (unenlightened state) and for eons of time, we have blamed God or something outside of ourselves for everything that goes wrong in our lives. We cannot fathom the notion that we have created our disease, or the ills of the world – personal or global, but the angels say it’s time we accept the responsibility. It is the first step in switching gears and turning our lives into a new direction. The good news is if we’ve created what we’re experiencing, then we can recreate those things we’d rather experience.

The second step is to forgive ourselves and be at peace with what we have created. Starting right now we can begin anew. Choose to be at peace within yourself knowing you have always created the highest and the best for yourself and the world with the knowledge and awareness you held at the time you created it – just like we are in the creative process right now with all the awareness available to us right now as I write this and as you read this.

Let us also take note that God (by whatever name you choose to call the Creator) – represents the highest of all creative thought, heals all wounds and (according to A Course In Miracles) has already healed whatever we are going through!

How can that be if we are still suffering? The angels answer by saying, “If you are hanging onto something and have regret, know that it has been your choice to hold on to it and have regret. Suffering is not of God. And because the regret has come to mind today, know that it is simply time to let it go. Take responsibility for your creation of it and step up to the Light. Join Us in the higher realms of creative thought, in Heaven where We are. Do not accept the reality you made (in place of God’s perfect peace and if it causes pain and sadness, why would you?”

So, this is our Clarion Call for us to wake up. It’s time to wipe the sleep from our eyes and walk a new path. “Walk away from your bed into the light of the new day. Whether you perceive Light or dark; whether you are at peace, or at war – it is your choice to choose what you will see and have from this time going forward. Your personal power can move mountains. We ask for your awareness of this, and for the wisdom to make the highest possible choices for yourself right now. Those choices are always peace, love and healing, which will be the results of your highest pursuit – for you and for all concerned,” Sreper said.

Personally, I feel I am on a new path of creating my life fresh and new, as Sreper suggested. I have only taken a few steps on this new journey of becoming totally aware of what I am creating for my life and weeding the garden. It feels good! I feel like I did when I was 18 and ready to conquer the world. I am full of joy and wonder – like a child in a brand new sandbox.

Q. What is the cause of human suffering?

Good Day We say to you! You come from a most sacred place you refer to as “Heaven.” That is your true home as was created by the Creator whom you call God. He created you in his likeness and image, as your Bible explains, and gave you a perfect existence as an extension of Himself. You are each a part or a cell in his Being. And Creation did not remain static. It was created as a moving, living being Itself, and every person, animal, insect, tree, plant, flower and the like grows, changes and evolves with the rest of Creation. Everything is in continual motion and in flux in a process of unfoldment. The energy of Creation evolves and unfolds within its power given by the Creator – who has also given mankind free will to choose what energy and journey he will choose.

The problem (if you will) occurred when your mind wandered and wondered if there was something beyond the perfect existence (you refer to as the Garden of Eden aka. Lemuria) given you by God. Our Nancy likes to refer to this as partying up in Heaven and looking over the balcony, and in wondering if there was something else, fell over the railing and into the Earth planes, often referred to as “the Fall from Grace.”

You fell down into the lower, slower vibrations of Planet Earth. We like to say you fell, bumped your heads and developed an amnesia as to where you had come from. Some of you remember where you came from, which is accessible through meditation and a desire for developing your awareness of it, and tapping into this divinity that is in you still. (Ask and you receive.) Many souls incarnated in the flesh to help you remember your Oneness: Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, to name a few.

We, the Angels, have also come to you unseen. We were called upon by Nancy when she had her wake-up call that caused her deep grief and agony. Everyone has, or will have, such a call to awaken to who they are. That is another subject we can address in the July 2020 issue of The Inner Voice. When people suffer with enough pain – something you yourself have created as your wake-up call –is like an alarm clock, it gets your attention. When you’re in any kind of pain – physical, mental, emotional, a call goes out from the mind, through prayer, for help – and help comes. Some recognize the help, and some do not, but everyone will awaken in their own timing – usually toward the end of their suffering when they cannot endure it any longer. So you see, there is a purpose for suffering. It is a call to awaken to your true self and come home.

So, we have simplified what appeared to be a complicated answer. You came to the Earth plane to see what existed outside of your perfect place in Heaven, also known as the Garden of Eden, your perfect place in consciousness. Because of The Fall, the Holy Spirit came to be with you in your dream of having a human experience of your own creating (or, better yet your mis-creating). The Angels of the Great White Light have witnessed but have not “fallen” and our duty of gently bringing you back to Who you are (as God created you) became our mission. We work in alignment with the Holy Spirit whose work is to bring the Light of Heaven back into your awareness, raise your vibration and remind you who you truly are thereby healing all lower thoughts, emotions and conditions. We are collectively known as the Legion of Light.

We say to you that the Earth plane is where humanity went to act out their dreams of another place and create a reality of their own, away from and often quite opposite of Heaven. We saw what happened and we see the predicament of your true spirit vs. ego self (cut off from God. Some have described the ego as “edging God out”). When you ask, we help you remember, but we cannot enter in due to your free will choice, but only when you ask. [The problem is, the majority of the people operate their lives from the ego’s standpoint. The ego is all about judgement, comparison, discrimination, hate – everything opposite of Love, peace and harmony. This is the cause of all human suffering, illness, pain, retaliation efforts, wars, and so on.]

Here is a piece from A Course In Miracles (Text p. 416-417) that beautifully describes what we are trying to tell you about who you are. We offer it here to help awaken you from the dream:

“Listen, – perhaps you catch a hint of an ancient state not quite forgotten; dim, perhaps, and yet not altogether unfamiliar; like a song whose name is long forgotten, and the circumstances in which you heard completely unremembered. Not the whole song has stayed with you, but a little wisp of melody, attached not to a person or a place or anything particular. But you remember, from just this little part, how lovely was the song, how wonderful the setting where you heard it, and how you loved those who were there and listened with you.

“The notes are nothing. Yet you have kept them with you, not for themselves, but as a soft reminder of what would make you weep if you remembered how dear it was to you. You could remember, yet you are afraid, believing you would lose the world you learned since then. And yet you know that nothing in the world you learned is half-so-dear as this. Listen, and see if you remember an ancient song you knew so long ago and held more dear than any melody you taught yourself to cherish since.

“Beyond the body, beyond the sun and stars, past everything you see and yet somehow familiar, is an arc of golden light that stretches as you look into a great and shining circle. And all the circle fills with light before your eyes. The edges of the circle disappear, and what is in it is no longer contained at all. The light expands and covers everything, extending to infinity forever shining and with no break or limit anywhere. Within it everything is joined in perfect continuity. Nor is it possible to imagine that anything could be outside, for there is nowhere that this light is not.”

“…Here is the memory of what you are; a part of this, with all of it within, and joined to all as surely as all is joined in you. Accept this vision that can show you this, and not the body. You know the ancient song, and know it well. Nothing will ever be as dear to you as is this ancient hymn the Son of God sings to his Father still.

“And now the blind can see, for that same song they sing in honor of their Creator gives praise to them as well. The blindness that they made will not withstand the memory of this song. And they will look upon the vision on the Son of God, remembering who he is they sing of. What is a miracle but this remembering? And who is there in whom this memory lies not? The light in one awakens it in all. And when you see it in your brother, you are remembering for everyone.”

So, dear friends, we say you are there working out the lessons presented when you separated from the whole – in whatever form those lessons take – by creating experiences to bring you home to this awareness of your Oneness with the Creator. Godspeed, dear ones.

Editor’s Note: Sreper identifies himself as an “Angel of the Great White Light” who communicates the angelic perspective on earthly situations. Personal readings are also available. Please see “About the Publisher” page.

The Angels answer questions about the Covid-19 pandemic and what we are to learn from it.

Q. What can you to tell us about the pandemic event happening on Earth? What do we, the people of the planet, need to get from this? What is being birthed from it? How do you suggest we go into the future?

Good Day we say to you. We are happy to answer your questions and address your concerns regarding the pandemic event going on right now. We begin by saying that this has been a long time coming and the virus has multiple roots as to where and how it began. Understand that this is a deep and complicated subject for us to address in this writing, however we will highlight the important insights we have to give you at this time.

All things happen for a good reason and come to you as a teacher entering a classroom – to teach their pupils something of value in their life going forward. We say to you that this is no different. We also say that those who are the keepers of the Earth have also stepped in to stop human consumption/destruction of the planet.

Prayers upon prayers have been said in this regard to save the earth, to reverse climate damage and clean the air and water – to name a few. We have watched all of these things unfold on Earth and we have heard the prayers, one and all. Finally, the last drop in the bucket – if you will, has pressed the overflow alarm.

There are many, many Lightworkers stationed on Earth and in Heaven who wait and watch over what is happening on your plane, and also watch over and guide those who are being called to action. It has been part of the plan for Earth all along – we just could not wake ALL OF YOU to listen to the call, and therefore this pandemic was released. Look at it as our “Clarion Call to Action” that the state of the Earth is dire .She has reached her boiling point and the time for change is NOW.

Q. What about all the people dying from Covid-19?
This is all a part of what we describe as a Grand Plan. We say to you that these people are being called home to Heaven where their energy is needed to bring about the Earth changes from here. We say to you who mourn their loss, please know they are home in the beauty and joy of Heaven and are a part of this Plan that is unfolding on Earth (and in Heaven) at this time.

Remember this when you feel the pain and sorrow. They are with you still on the spiritual level, but are helping God/Source/Universe in the transformation of the planet from this side of the veil. And you are helping on that side of the veil. In all things, God has a plan.

Q. Is this pandemic some sort of conspiracy as some suggest?
The only conspiracy that we see is the conjoined human and angelic quest for love to return to Earth and for balance to be restored throughout the planet. How does one stop a speeding train that is out of control? By stopping what is fueling it. Yes, there is a crash-and-burn-wake-up-disaster momentarily, but it will be cleaned up, and if you choose to learn the lesson it brought to you – to choose love, then peace will be restored.

We say that those who are still in the shadows of ego/evil-doing will be whisked off to another place where they will play out their dark games, but Earth will no longer tolerate such activity. There have been plenty of warnings given to humanity for a very long time that this day would dawn and we say that you are in the midst of Earth’s awakening. We want to point out that when people are pressed like this – whatever is their True Nature – love for others or ego fears and insecurities – it comes oozing out! If a person is self-centered, that comes out; if he or she is a “helpful person” who cares for others, that is what comes out… and they get to work. If a person always sees the bright side of things, and has good humor, that comes out during such an extreme event as this pandemic. During any crisis, a person’s true character becomes crystal clear.

Q. What is the best way to ‘up level’ our belief system to experience miracles regularly?
Choose love. Choose to go higher and believe it is done as you have asked.

Such questions may often be worded differently, but the answer remains the same. It is ages old, this question, and it is ages old, the answer to this question, yet it remains to be learned! LOVE. Love is the answer. No matter what the question in anything that can be asked, the answer is always always always LOVE. Your Wayshower Jesus came to Earth to deliver that very message and demonstrated what “miracles” could be done through Love’s application. Some of you listened and went on to do those great things he showed you, and some of you did not.

People of both sides of this belief system – those of love and those of the ego’s lower self – are on the Earth battling it out. You have always had free will to choose who you are in this. What side will you take? What side do you choose now?

You see what evil the ego (lower self) can bring, and you see what love can do. So, again we ask, what will you choose now? The alarm has sounded and it is truly time to wake up and choose. It is a call to come home to the Light and we pray with you that this is the side you want to have as your foundation in your new reality.

Staying Calm in a Crisis

Q. As we become increasingly nervous about the Coronavirus sweeping the planet, and its effect on the stock market, what can you tell us about this? How do we keep calm through the chaos?

We see the panic that is sweeping the planet, and in spite of it all, as we wrote last month – stay out of fear and focus on God, the Good, Omnipotent Presence that you are one with. “His” steadfastness and Love for you and humankind has never wavered or changed but calls to you to come closer and lean in on this Strength and Power. This current state of affairs has become an example of how mass-fear spreads and we say, so can faith and-trust in God spread. You will not find this good news on the Internet or on your TV, but go within you and find it there. During this time of isolation and social distancing, create the niche of calm certainty within you given you by the Creator, and know you are always safe.

Disconnect from Earth’s “broadcasting system,” as the newscasters are forever focused on the negative, that creates fear in the viewers. Align yourself with your faith in knowing all things happen for good. Period. There is reason for this pandemic that one day all of humanity will see and understand. You will be safe throughout. So will said investments. Have no fear but restore your faith and your focus in God. Period.

You, as well as others who are dedicated to bringing the Light of Heaven to Earth, remain as one of our greatest helpers to spread our news in the world, and we will take care of you. Fear not, but behold the truth in who you are. Continue to affirm this Oneness and it will be a wall between you and earthly harm. Stay focused on God-the-Good and know this crisis is working itself out for the highest good of humanity.

Maybe it is time to disconnect from the crowd. Maybe it is time to isolate and get in touch with one’s own inner voice. Maybe it is time for prayers to be answered that could not get through previously due to all the noise in the world. Maybe it is time to disconnect from mass media and all of the insanity of the present-day culture. Maybe it is time to deeply re-evaluate what you are doing to yourself, to others around the world, and deeper yet to what the United States. is doing to other countries.

Q. We, the people of the world, have prayed for peace and for positive changes to manifest in the world for the highest good of the earth and humanity. Is this pandemic an answer to our collective prayers? Is this what change looks like? How can we view the current state-of-affairs we are living through?

Yes, this is what the changes look like. An earthquake, if you will, that is taking place in the mind of humanity necessary to shake loose the old, negative fears and way of thinking. Things will settle down in time, and settle into bright, and relevant new patterns that support life going forward on the planet. Go forward in faith knowing that this is cleansing the Earth for it to be balanced and shining again, as well as a test in your faith to know that all things happen for a reason. May you “keep the light on” and have that peace and understanding now.

Q. Are we in the end times?

Dearest Ones, this is Sreper, Angel of the Great White Light coming to you to calm your nerves. Please read our words. This is an event that is causing extreme alarm in humans, and we say it is not the end, but a new beginning – a cleansing process that had been prophesied for millennia. Have faith you’ll be safe.

Hold to the truth that everything happens for a reason. Many souls are exiting the earth through this event, but remember this is what their souls have chosen as a part of God’s Grand Plan for them. Those leaving are finished with experiencing what their souls came to earth to experience and they are going home.

You need not worry, but open your inner vision to see and understand that Earth is not your true home. Heaven is. You are on Earth to learn your soul lessons, not stay there forever. We see that people have become so entrenched in the trenches of Earth that they have forgotten who they are and where their home really is.

Let us remind, you are children of the Most High, meaning of the highest energy but currently “traveling abroad” and blended with matter and vibrations on that level. Earth has been spinning out of balance for a long time, and the warnings of such have gone unheeded Now, the planet needs to come back into balance. Those who believe they are a physical body and that they die, can not and do not see past this concept. People who disregard Mother Earth and continue to trample and manipulate her are at cause of the great storms, upheavals, sickness and destruction. All the while throughout time, few awakened, and now a louder call has sounded forth.

(“The meek shall inherit the Earth” runs through my mind.)

Look at the countries where the land is not ego- and industry-driven. They are not polluting the environment with millions of toxic automobiles dirtying the air, as an example. But, in developed countries such as North America, the way-of-life has been an emphasis on greed and making money with a seeming race-to-the-finish-line to see who “wins.” Now, Mother Earth is calling loud and clear to stop the madness. Earth cannot tolerate the imbalance any longer.

We say this crisis will pass in time, but it will take with it the people who had planned to leave the Earth at this time. We remind you there are no accidents in your coming and going on that plane. All of life (and what you experience and learn) is a part of your soul’s plan although you have forgotten that plan when you went through the veil at the time of their birth.

We speak to you from the Heavenly Realms where our perspective on the planet is clear. Life as you have known it is changing. It is raising in vibration to that of LOVE and is restoring balance to that precious jewel you call home. Your work now is to call on LOVE to be in you and direct you in all your ways. Love yourself, and love others – and do unto them as you would have them do unto you.