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Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm

I’ve been submersed in metaphysics for years which includes the premise that we create our reality by our thoughts and beliefs. The good news is that if we don’t like the world we see ourselves in, we can simply (or perhaps not so simply) change our thoughts and change our reality.

At times I’ve had a difficult time with this concept. People would point a judgmental finger at me wondering why I would create something I didn’t want or like. and confusion would set in.“Why, indeed, would I create such a thing for myself?” But the good news is that if I created it, then I could re-create it. I had the power. I did not have to depend on someone else to change it.

I often recall a Bible verse that states the things that Christ did, we can do, and even greater things than that we can do! Near the end of the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy pleaded to go home to Kansas, Glenda the Good Witch, told her that she had the power all along. We all do! It’s a matter of remembering and calling our power back.
In the readings I have done over the years, the Angels continually remind us to call back our power from wherever we’ve placed it. Actually, the cause of all disease points to our misplacing our power, or by allowing some other person, place, thing, or belief, to zap it out of us.

Where have we fallen into an unenlightened state and forgotten our power? For me, it was always easier to just blame God for everything that went wrong. My wake-up call was when I got into a 12-Step program many years ago, and learned that I was responsible for my life. So, what was the key to changing things in myself? I had to call my power back to me and redirect it toward what I truly wanted to create.

The key to success is the excitement you create around it. I’ve been in the sales profession for years, selling everything from paint and wallpaper to furniture and other interior design products. I’ve been in many sales training programs to learn how to sell and how to increase sales. In each of them, the presenter would state that to be successful in sales, you have to create a heartfelt excitement about what you are selling. It’s the excitement that sells!

In recent months I’ve been focused on building my feng shui consultation business. In talks I give, I tell before-and-after stories that inspire the audience to want a similar experience for themselves. Why? Excitement is contagious!

I took the idea to task and its become my new guiding light. I revamped my Internet presence and am redesigning my website. I decided to post my clients’ experiences on Facebook – something I had not done before with any enthusiasm. To my amazement, I got more ‘likes’ and comments resulting in people clamoring for an appointment with me.

The second key I discovered in a conversation with my Angels is that I had been somewhat afraid of success. I was in a comfort zone that I was afraid to step out of, even though success in my business was on the other side of that fear. I just needed to face the fear and step to the other side of it.

My conversation with the angels continues and I have a clearer, more compelling message of fully knowing that I can accomplish what I want to in my life. I just need to maintain my enthusiasm.
Try it for yourself. Prayerfully contemplate your grandest dream. Sell it to yourself with excitement, act on it with enthusiasm, and see what happens.

I’d love to hear your story!


Get to the cause of an issue and let it go

Q. What is meant by healing at the Causal Level?
“We say that all healing, visible and invisible on the physical plane is spiritual. It originates in spirit at what we term the Causal Level. You must seek to understand that all of your reality is immersed, as it were, in Spiritual Reality, and indeed this Reality is all there is.

“Physical manifestation of the spiritual reality is what your eyes see, your ears hear, and what your feet walk upon. The physical reality of which you’re presently a part, is truly this spiritual essence manifested. All is first spirit. It is not the other way around.

“Spiritual healing is a term you have placed on the action that takes place as a change, or an improvement, occurs on the physical level. The term ‘spiritual healing’ is perhaps better defined as the condition that occurs when one recognizes this truth that All Is Spirit. All that occurs, and all changes that occur, happens in Spirit first. Thought (spirit) is the initiation of all manifestation. To change the thought is to change the manifestation. One can experience healing, or destruction according to the way in which he thinks and believes.

“Thoughts, when engaged with emotion, are seen from this side as literal forms of ‘Light/Energy’ that contains a powerful charge. Positive emotions, such as joy and gratitude, radiate throughout the heavens (all levels of consciousness) and carry a charge that you cannot conceive of from where you are. Negative emotions don’t have any radiance, but are equally as powerful to create or manifest itself.

“Spiritual healing is the term you use for this positive life surge of energy as it travels through the body healing the darkness in its path. You have, as your birthright a choice in the matter of how you will use and direct this energy. You are on the Earth to remember your divine connection with the ‘One Light.’ Every time you witness a form of healing of body, mind, or spirit, you are remembering!

“You must always remember that you are already healed, already whole, and are already perfect in Spirit. We, the Angels of the Great White Light are among you on your Earth to bring you the gift of remembering your perfection and your Oneness with all of Creation. We encourage you to reach for, and receive this Light/Energy now and to use your power to create the good, the beautiful, and the Holy and never settle for less than what (and who) you really are (in Spirit).”

Q. So, if we ask to remember our oneness in Spirit and change our thoughts to embody our true perfection, we would be healed and not be sick?
“Yes, and we must also say that illness comes into your physical experience as a teacher who walks into a classroom. It’s in your life to teach you something. It’s a wake-up call from Divine Source giving you a message to alert you there is some form of ‘spiritual separation’ going on in you, in your belief system, and that if you were to awaken your inner self to the realization of this perfection, you could literally walk on water in total and complete wholeness. Illness is but a wake-up call; a manifestation of a message from Source that you have chosen to ignore.

“We are telling you that there are no more secrets on Earth in this time of bright, conscious awareness. Illness is but a teacher. Listen for its message and you will graduate into the wholeness and wellness as you were created to thrive in.”

Q. My life seems like it’s at a stand still. I have no energy to move forward. What is the matter, and how can I let go of the past?
“Go within yourself and ask what would bring you the gift of true joy? What is it that you have always wanted to have or to do but had more excuses than drive to accomplish it? We say, step one is to release all your excuses. Let go of all of them and take a step forward toward your goal. There isn’t a better time for you to do this than right now.

“All things are continually made fresh and new. Like a train rolling by on life’s tracks, you can jump aboard at any time by your decision to do so. Make the decision! Do not let yourself cling to old ideas, or compare yourself to what others are doing. What others do is none of your business. This type of thinking and comparing is a form of stagnating your ambition and only serves to stop you. You are on the Earth to do what you are there to do, and we say do it. If you aren’t aware of what it is you’re wanting to accomplish, go within yourself and ask. We will always give you clues that point you in the direction your soul wishes you to choose. Your soul only knows your ‘mission,’ as it were, and its job is to remind and guide you to it. You simply need to be willing and follow the lead given you.

“Stop comparing what is happening now to what has happened in the past. Step into your future and follow your inner voice. Listen to your heart. To do so is a lesson in trust, which is a part of your soul’s curriculum for your present life. In doing this, we say you will always have the drive and the necessary energy you need to accomplish your goals.

“In other words we say to you, be the master of your life and do not let past thoughts block you in any way, for this is what makes your earthly trek difficult. Call in the Love that is abundantly around you and use this vibrant energy as fuel to live your life. Ask that your heartmind be guided to let go of what is no longer needed, and release it like you would excess baggage on a hike up a mountain trail.”

Life Is Meant To Be A FUN Experience

Q. Sreper, this month’s ‘The Inner Voice’ magazine is all about ‘children and creativity.’ What would you like to say to the readers about this aspect of our lives?

“Good Day, we say unto you and we bless you for inviting us to come into the magazine with our words.
If you have been following the Inner Voice, you will note that we are the inspiration for all of what is presented. We are not physical beings so we rely on our counterparts in the earth plane (Nancy) to do our bidding. She has long ago learned and perfected our communication in order to bring our light to many more who are seeking deeper meaning to life on earth with all its lessons and achievements you went there to learn and experience. It is always a most happy time when you remember your angels and guides in the higher planes, for you do know us but the the physical vibration you’re now in is so dense you do not remember. But some do, and that remembrance occurs usually when your play in the clay hits a bump. Pain in any of its forms gets your attention (hopefully!) – to shake you awake from your earth dream state and reach to us for loving guidance and clarity on your life there. You see, we see all of your lifetime and dare say it is one long life without beginning and without end. In this perspective, you aren’t born and you don’t die. You (as spirit because you are spirit) goes in and out of a physical body, but your spirit and your soul self exists forever.
This is a difficult concept for your physical minds to grasp, and it isn’t real important for you to totally get this idea. Know that you have lived lives on Earth (and elsewhere!) many times before and you will many times to come. It is not important to know who you were except for curiosity’s sake, but to keep your focus on your present-day situations as they arise, for anything left “unfinished” from before, or preparation for lifetimes to come, are what is up for you now. We see that is is fun for you to explore your history to see if you were the Queen of England or the Buddha or some other fascinating person, but the gift in knowing this really is what your soul learned in that experience or in that lifetime that is carried forward.

“Our Nancy, who is writing this, has from time-to-time, subtle recollections and glimpses into a lifetime in the English countryside, where as a young girl, drowned in a river. Her older brother, Steve (in this lifetime) was her older brother then, who tried to rescue her but failed. Upon her death he claimed he would help her in anyway he could. In this life time, he has again been a way-shower of sorts. She recalls they were going to come in this time as twins, but she was so reluctant to ‘go through all that again’ that she stayed back and told him, “You first!” She was born exactly two years and two days later which was the reminder to her of their past life connection.

“Many people ask us to reveal who they were in a past life, and we can and will, but what is important to know is what is facing you in this lifetime. It remains an unlearned lesson from another time, or it wouldn’t be in your life now. Or, in Nancy’s example that we gave above, you get glimpses. You just need to be open to what these mean.”

Q. How about those who seem to never have any real problems? There are many people who go through life blessed with good health, an abundance of wealth and material goods. They don’t appear to have any lessons or karma they are working out. It seems so unfair.

“We would prefer to address each individual case individually, but in general, we remind you to not make such judgements for you cannot see their whole life span. They might have been a slave or a leper. They might have been dirt poor and died of starvation. Perhaps they have chosen a ‘time-out’ from lessons and to glide smoothly through life this time around. You do not know and you cannot judge from the little snippet of them that you see.

“We dare say take your focus off of them and put it unto yourself. Bless everyone regardless of their health or social status, and celebrate God’s love and abundance on their life knowing you can choose that, too. See them as a way-shower. Remember, you are there to learn and experience life … and to play in the clay. Look at those who to you seem to ‘have it all’ and see them as an example of what you can create for yourself. Bless those who are hungry for that will help them rise above their fray and select a richer path to follow. Be their way-shower.

“Life on Earth is to learn, experience – and have fun! (The angels shouted!) It is a world that offers everything and every vibration from (in your eyes) ‘good to bad.’ Observe all things and choose what you wish for your experience. It truly is that simple. Then keep yourself focused on that goal. The world is filled with distractions so it is important to pray for guidance along the way.

“Your angels are with you for this purpose and hold the lamp high. Ask, and we will guide you into enjoying your life to the fullest as was the intention of your Creator.”

Be Mindful of Your Imaginative Power

Albert Einstein said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Think about the creative power we all have been given as individual expressions of God – in life on the planet. We are endowed with God’s image and likeness and we have been given His power to create whatever we want and whatever we don’t want perhaps by accident. People think that they don’t have power to create the life they dream about, but the angels say that we are always creating life according to our held thoughts and beliefs. If we are creating life anyway, let’s wake up and become totally conscious about it and create what we truly want. It’s a matter of where we place our attention.

A friend of mine whom I will call ‘E.J.’ came over to visit with me and asked if I would say a prayer for her. She was sure the doctors were going to find a blockage in her heart the next day when she went in for some tests. By thinking this, I felt that she was already creating that blockage just by thinking it in her imagination!

It made me stop and think about how often do we create our own blockages, in whatever area of life, by the way we think about them before they even happen? The angels remind us that these things really don’t exist except when we create them in our minds by thinking them into being.

And why don’t we choose to think about more positive outcomes instead?

The angels said, “Keep a watchful eye on your creative power of thought called your imagination, and be sure you are focused on what you truly want to create.”

What if every thought that you think manifested. immediately?They might not come about that quickly that you recognize they are of your own making, but they do, indeed, manifest. This month Sreper gives us some thoughts about opening up our imagination to create good. Try it and let me know what happens.

Sreper said, “Imagination is the chosen vehicle on the Earth plane that you use to explore the subtle worlds not normally known to you while you are in a physical body. Did you know you can travel anywhere – on any dimension – and see anything you wish to see just by rendering it in your imagination? Think of being somewhere and suddenly, you’re there! This is how powerful your imagination is.

“Here is a practical exercise you can do and people will think you have some sort of magical, other worldly powers. Go outside on a partly cloudy day and choose a small cloud that is by itself in the sky. Ask the Creator for permission to make that little cloud disappear, “If it be Your Will and within Divine harmony with the rest of Creation, I ask for that little cloud to disappear.” Then look directly at that cloud and say, ‘With the power of the Universe, I demand that you disappear right now.” Then watch it disappear!

“You will realize just how powerful your thoughts and words really are. If you’re able to make clouds disappear, what else are your thoughts doing? What is possible for you to shape-shift and change in your world to heal and make your life better? We say to you, wake up your sleepy selves and become conscious of what you are thinking.
“Start a daily routine of creative visualization to take you places your mind needs you to go to fulfill your life plan and bring you the joy you seek. Your eyes need to feast on other possibilities for this refreshes your soul and keeps you vibrantly alive.

“Develop a habit of daily meditation and imagine your life as you want it to be. Kick the habit of expecting blockages – in your heart and anywhere else! If you are unhappy, imagine yourself to be happy. Feel how that would feel! We cannot wave a magic wand over you to change your life into what you want it to be, but you can. You have the power. Use your imagination to get yourself there and have fun with it!”

Why do some 
people heal while others don’t?

Q. Why do some people heal of certain illnesses while others with the same condition do not. It seems so unfair!

There are as many reasons for this as there are people and conditions, but we say to you that you need to first of all completely understand that each and every one of you have different life paths. Each of you have chosen his or her unique lessons and experiences to learn various things your soul wants you to learn. This is similar to a student heading off to college and selects his courses of study. Each soul has signed up for various and differing curriculum while on Earth. (Note: Individual reasons why are addressed and answered in personal readings, and is the reason I do them.)
We also need to mention that it is best if you keep all judgement out of this analysis we give. If you have person #1 who heals of cancer while person #2 with the same condition does not heal and dies of the disease, who are you to judge this? You cannot see his whole entire story! How do you know that dying is his healing for where he is on his life path?

Let’s take another example. A newborn baby dies at birth. Many would judge that and say how sad and unfortunate, and on your level of being, no one would disagree, however we remind you again not to judge for you cannot see the whole picture. Could it be that this child came ever-so-briefly to teach his parents an important lesson in love where nothing else would do it? Who is to say that a child born with an illness isn’t coming in to heal his parent’s relationship with one another?

So, you ask why is it that some people don’t heal? How do you know something hasn’t been corrected and a blessing bestowed on another level? Not all things are visible to your physical eyes.

Q. Even though I believe that all things can be healed and I can help others heal, I cannot always heal myself. Why is this so?

Our Dearest Darling, it is not you who is the ‘determiner’ of the healing result, but it is the Great White Light moving through you and all things that makes the healing corrections ~ or not ~ according to individual circumstances and what has been laid down in the person’s life plan before his or her birth. You have “volunteered” if you will, to learn specific lessons in your lifetime. With that, you have also been given the Grace in which to endure Earth School and heal through them.

We say to you this is a very complex and intricate concept that we are trying to simplify for you and the readers. The best way we can say this is there are many levels of being, each with a different vibration and most of which you cannot see with your physical eyes. We suggest that you ask your personal guardian angel to help you understand your life path and to know that all things happen in perfect Divine Timing. There are no accidents in the outplaying of events in your life. Know completely in your heart that all things work together for the highest good of all souls. A big part of learning this lesson is in trusting in a the outworking of this larger design of your life plan. It is that simple and that complex.

I conclude that true healing is not complicated except where we have made it so. by our limited vision.

It Takes Rain and Sunshine To Make A Rainbow

Take heart when you slip into the dark side of life for you are simply traveling through a lesson. Over the years of talking with the angels on a multitude of topics – mostly those of human growth and awareness of the other realms of spirit – a theme emerged. It’s a fact of life that we travel through valleys and mountaintops in a cycle that never ends. We get through a rough patch and think we’re done, but then there’s another lesson coming ‘round the mountain.
If we’ve paid attention to this cycle of events in life and pause to reflect on the underlying meaning of them, we can follow the thread that leads us to the light (those cherished ‘ah-ha’ moments!). Recently I was booted out of my comfort zone and into a new place in consciousness where the angels said it’s time for me to shine my light!
People have come for a reading from the angels mostly because they have something going on in their life that they need help understanding. This has given me a pretty unique vantage point in that I have seen the theme repeat in reading after reading – people are in a dark place; or they’ve suffered a loss and just don’t know what to think or do. They are ‘lost’ in the dark side of the problem, or they find themselves in the midst of a storm and can’t see their way out of it. This is usually when they contact me for a reading.

I am here to tell you that even in the most perplexing problems, the angels with their ability to rise above the fray and see all that is happening – how everyone is affected – and also know the highest, best outcome for all concerned never ceases to amaze me! Their love and wisdom shines like the sun through the clouds after the storm.

I speak for the angels when I say there is a solution to every situation and an answer to every question. I have witnessed very dramatic stories – some with their roots in past lives, and even when it seemed there was no solution, let alone one in which everyone had a happy outcome – the angels have led people out of their misery and into the light, giving them clarity on why they are experiencing the situation complete with options on how to change it and turn it around for good. The angels always point to the reason and what you are to learn from it. And I dare say it is something your soul has chosen in this lifetime for you to learn and ‘graduate’ from.

When I began consciously communicating with the angels I was quite surprised by their inner voice beaming with loving wisdom coming through me. In this Angel Talk column, I wanted to showcase this work I do with the angels because I think I may have taken it for granted – that perhaps it has become a normal, everyday thing that the angels talk to me. But this is truly amazing that the angels talk through me!

Anyway, back to the rain. The angels did not come to me until I was finally, absolutely, without a doubt, or any hesitation … and when I was desperately screaming for help. It was clearly my darkest hour that preceded their voice in my head, filling me with their words of love and wisdom and giving me the hope I needed to live through that dark night. Their coming through me clearly was my spiritual awakening to my life’s work. It was a gift, or in other words, the dawn of light within me. Since then, I have been honored to bring the angel’s love and wisdom to others.
The takeaway is this: Darkness always comes before the dawn. The rain falls and as the sun comes out, a rainbow (a sign of hope) appears. It is my wish that this article awakens you to know there is help available for whatever problem, or loss you’re facing. Know that you can ask the angels for their guidance and rise above the fray. Contact me.

Unearthing ‘The Inner Voice’ … It’s What I Do!

Sometimes we need to dig deep within to hear the divine guidance that has been buried by years of living on the planet.

I recall the day of my major spiritual awakening in which I was shaken awake by the devastating news of the death of my fiancé. I was thrown into a state of shock unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The volume of the inner voice had been turned up full volume and there was just no denying it. It was like God Himself was shouting to me, “Wake up! We have work to do and I need you!”

Up until that point in my life, I was angry with God for dealing the hand he gave me that had been filled with heartbreak and disappointment, and now this? But looking back, I see it was the beginning of the rest of my life in which I was to fulfill my promise to help others and somehow lift their grief and suffering so they, too could learn whatever lesson they came here to learn, move through it and into their life purpose where they could truly enjoy their life. Helping people remains my work today.

I know now that I was born with certain psychic abilities and like many other people, those abilities were pushed down due to lack of understanding what they were or what to do with them. I was born in a generation where this stuff was not common like it is today. There were relatively few books or magazines (such as this one) that spoke to these things.

When my ‘awakening’ happened, I thought I had lost my mind. When a person heard voices in his or her head, that had to be what it meant, but now you can Google these subjects and find all kinds of resources and information, maybe even too much! (Smile.)

This magazine was created to share the good news of being able to tune in and listen to spirit and those who have passed through the veil to the other side, and to offer various options to those who are

searching for answers. Every month it is created from my heart to yours in the hopes that those reading it will benefit in some good way and be lifted up a little bit higher and their life can be a little happier as a result.

That was over 30 years ago that my fiancé died and I had no idea how I would live through the night. The only thing I can say is I was blessed with a gift of hearing the angels words of wisdom for people who needed them.

I still do readings today in which the Angels address the whys behind the many situations we all face. They give you clarity and a deeper understanding why something is or isn’t happening, and what you are to learn from it. The mediumship readings are comforting messages from deceased loved ones who want their people to know they are still with them.

I teach a class called, ‘You Can Talk To Your Angels’ that teaches you how to open a personal communication with your angels and guides in spirit and how to do automatic writing to record their messages. I wrote a book with the same title. (Download it here https://gumroad.com/l/YbgY for a self- guided learning process.)

My spirit doll/talisman workshops are new in which you can create a doll of your liking after tapping into the creative, inner muse.

My intuitive interior design work involves redesigning your space using your furniture and set everything in their proper place in order to support your goals. It is work near and dear to my heart and I have your best interests in mind throughout the process.

So, my question is, what can I do for you to help you unearth the glorious jewel that you are, and help you shine? Send an e-mail to: theinnervoicemagazine@gmail.com.